Life List

1. Take a trip alone.
2. Run a 5k.
3. Be a healthy BMI.
4. Sew a dress.
5. Knit a sweater (that I like and will wear).
6. Decorate a room.
7. Learn to play the guitar.
8. Go to therapy.
9. Journal. (Here ya go!)
10. Go to Europe with my kids.
11. Fix a car.
12. Attend a conference.
13. Make a new friend.
14. Figure out what I want to do when I grow up.
15. Take a glass lampwork class.
16. Live by Wheaton's Law.
17. Do something creative every day.
18. Plan meals.
19. Paint a painting.
20. Buy some real art.
21. Hang some art.
22. Learn glass blowing.
23. Play/sing a song in front of people.
24. Keep a veggie garden alive long enough to harvest a good amount of produce.
25. Host more parties.
26. Interview my grandma about her life.
27. Acquire blog readers.
28. Comment on others blogs.
29. Have a professional photo shoot.
30. Go to Las Vegas.
31. Run a 10K 


  1. Nice idea to have the bucket list on the blog. I should do the same. :) I really like no 24! I never manage to keep veggies or flowers particularly long. :(