Run Shaming

I, for one, have loved the whole running group experience. I've participated in 2 Borgess Run Camps and one Gazelle program. I loved meeting new people and having the accountability of running with others. Now that Run Camp is over, I want to keep running with all my friends, but I don't know if I have the money or desire to put into another training program for the summer. That's when I thought I could get a group of like-minded people together to keep each other motivated and to provide some accountability.

Enter Run Shaming!

How it works is each participant creates a list of measurable goals and shares them with the group, writes a check to a charity that they would never donate to (Puppy Kickers of America?) of a sizeable amount - not more that you can afford but a large enough amount that you'd miss it, and if you do not meet/exceed your goals, the check gets sent off! Otherwise, you get to tear it up and keep your cash.

What I want you to do:

  • Pick your charity and write a check. Pick an amount that is large enough for you to work at not losing it but not so large that you won't be able to make rent at the end of the challenge. Chances are, this part will get political, so we're going to tread lightly here. Put your check in an addressed envelope and put that into another blank envelope. No one needs to know who you despise.
  • Choose your goals. Remember to keep it SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Write them down. Put them on your blank outer envelope.
  • Give me your envelopes. I'll give mine to someone else.
  • Work toward your goal and we'll meet regularly until our set date. We can have 2 or 3 regularly scheduled group runs each week.
  • At the end, tear up your check with glee! (assuming you meet your goal!)
I think we should run our challenge from Memorial Day (May 26) to Labor Day (September 1). This gives us 14 weeks to make meaningful progress toward a fitness-related goal. Attendance for a set number of runs should be one of the goals for each of us. This will provide for a community spirit and accountability. I'm not asking you to commit to every Saturday all summer but some sort of group run on a regular basis.

Please comment for suggestions or ideas.

Keep Moving!

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  1. I love this Kate! I'm in for sure. I will work on my list of goals and put some thoughtful consideration into who I 'hate.' LOL I have some rather lofty goals for running and weight, and I really need the motivation. I've been lazy and gaining weight, and it's just plain time to break the cycle. Thanks for taking the reins on this one. You're awesome!