Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Moving Matters. Representation Matters.

As I’ve seen in the recent years since I’ve become a runner and gained an interest in fitness, I know that we come in all shapes and sizes. I know how very daunting it is to know you need to make positive changes through fitness but not see anyone that looks like you. Sometimes it is easier to not walk through that door into a running store or gym where I now know are welcoming and inclusive environments. As a person of size, I know how much representation matters. Fitness is not only about being thin or even about losing weight above all else. The number on the scale (or on the tag of your pants) is but one number to use to determine health. Better numbers are your PR times, how much you can lift, improvement in your cholesterol, or even how great you feel every day. I have met so many wonderful, supportive people through my local running community and I hope to share the love and help everyone learn how much moving matters.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Radical Empathy and Steadfast Compassion

Right now, I’m feeling very angry but I am choosing to hold onto hope. This is my country I am not going down easy. Because of my white, hetero, middle class privilege, the shit storm to come won’t have the effect on me that it will on my “OTHER” brothers and sisters who don't have that luck.

It’s time to suit up, folks. It’s time to move forward together. It’s time for radical empathy and steadfast compassion. Let’s show understanding those who come from such place of fear.

I love you... even, especially, those who are hardest to love.

The sun is up, the world still spins. Let’s get to work.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Big Why

Look how cute I am.
This post has been sitting here, unpublished, for years. It was full of self-hate in the disguise of "backstory". Forget that. DELETE. It's time for moving forward. Shit happens (and happened) and I have only myself and my future to own.

I wake up every day in my body and with my mind. I start my day with no confidence from the first few moments and I’m sick and tired of it! I don’t want my daughter growing up having poor fitness and eating habits modeled after me or my son's continued embarrassment of me. And hell, I want to be able to see them get married – and not only have energy for them, but pfor my (far in the future) grandkids too!

I'm fat but feel pretty awesome about myself even though I don't....
From May 4, 2014, the day of my first 10k:

DAY-UM! Look at these legs!
These legs just ran 6 miles. In a row!

What an amazing race. At times, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it. Mile five was a killer. My thighs were shouting at me for a sandwich. My magic beans got me through. Kalamazoo's running community is amazing. The last three miles for the marathon, half marathon, and 10k were all the same route. That was also where the first of the half-ers started passing me. Almost all of them had genuine words of encouragement as the passed me by. It's such a simple thing that meant so much to me as I was struggling along. I finished at exactly the time I thought I would, thanks to these few simple words. My family waited for me at the finish line. I had the best beer of my life at 11 a.m.

As I continue my journey as a runner, I'm so excited about what my legs can do. They have moved me around for over 43 years. They carried me around playgrounds and neighborhoods. They walked me to classes and through graduations. They walked me down the aisle to marry my best friend. They have helped me carry two babies. Now they carry me on my journey to fitness.

Didn't your mama tell U life was 2 good 2 waste?

I spent my early teen years like most do, listening to Top 40 Radio. songs from 1999 were played, I liked.

When I was 13, Purple Rain came out. My friend Tammy and I snuck into see it. (It was NAUGHTY, y'all!) I had a boom box in the bathroom and listened to the cassette every morning. I had to turn the volume way down when Darling Nikki came on. It was NAUGHTY, too.

I had the advantage of having a cool older sister who was up on all the cool stuff she had Prince's older stuff on vinyl so that's how I first heard For You, Prince, Dirty Mind, Controversy

Senior year in high school, I played It from Sign O' the Times over and over while programming my final project in BASIC. I'd get to the end of the song and hit rewind on my walkman in the computer lab.

In college, I got my hands on a bootleg copy of The Black Album. Not sure if I actually listened to it more than once or twice. But I had it!

For my 20th birthday, Steph took me to see Graffiti Bridge and gifted me with a bottle of Everclear. Now, that was a birthday!

That's when I became a Bad Prince Fan. The music wasn't my style. The songs on Come felt too personal, like I was reading his diary behind his back. I know he was stuck in a contract that he wanted out of.

For every time in my life there is a Prince record to go along.

Now it's time to purify myself in the waters or Lake Minnetonka.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hot Dog!

Last Friday was the Kalamazoo Hot Dog Walk! I learned that there is a bigger difference between 5 and 6 hot dogs than one dog....

Treat Street I forgot how to math and ordered the 1/4 pound dog so I only had half. They have the best buns but just eh dogs.
Nagle's Top Dog & Malt Shoppe They have an incredible variety of toppings and some interesting combos. This year, I stuck with Chicago dogs when they had them.
Dogs with Style These guys were new to me and were amazing! The best Chicago dog I've ever had! They also have a huge variety including pretzel buns, bacon wrapped dogs, and mac-and-cheese as a topping.
Coney Island My favorite place. They have the best atmosphere and great hot dogs.
Ray Ray's Italian Beef & Sausage reminds me of the "No Soup for You" Seinfeld guy.
Root Beer Stand Meh. They have been very accommodating to the walkers and the car hops are fun.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Over the next 14 weeks, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, I plan to meet several goals with my running group.

  1. Lose 10 pounds. This is really the minimum of what I'd like to lose but I don't have a great track record of losing weight quickly and I'd like to be able to achieve this one.
  2. Meet with the group for at least 12 times. This means both big runs with the whole group and little one-on-one runs.
  3. Mix it up! Do at least 3 different physical activities each week. Most likely that will look like a couple of runs, riding my bike to work, and attend my Thursday class. I'll need to get creative when I'm on my 2-week vacation!
  4. Just schedule a damn massage already.  

Make it SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely!