Monday, July 30, 2012

Wheaton's Law

Memorial Day weekend, 1988. I had just graduated from High School. My parents were out of town. I was watching Wil Wheaton on Star Trek: TNG. A friend called inviting me to to the beach. That evening at the beach (oddly enough) was a pivotal event for me. It will always be mixed up in my head creating a big part of my personal story.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I see Wil's Blog. I wasn't one of the Wesley Crusher Haters. I thought it was awesome to have someone my age, someone like me, on the bridge of the Enterprise.  I started internet stalk him. I read his blog, twitter, tumblr... He was always positive. He promoted being nice. Then I read this article and was inspired. I have so many thoughts and it has all been bouncing around in my head for weeks and have been trying to live my life with kindness in mind. Making me a better person.

And then I saw this. So, here is my braindump.

Happy Birthday, Wil! You'll never see this but it's out there. Thank you for being on TNG, for being the catalyst for all those happy memories of that summer, for being so open and available on the innerwebs, for Wheaton's Law and for being awesome.

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